About Us

Thank you for visiting Garrett’s website. We are a family owned and operated florist. We’re very proud to be serving the Ypsilanti and surrounding areas. Because all our customers are important to us we always go that extra mile to give them the finest floral gift possible. We like to treat our customers like family.

Who We Are

Sandy Garrett, the owner of Garrett’s Florist was born in Norton, Va. Her and her family moved to Ypsilanti when she was 10 years old. She truly enjoys art, whether it be painting a picture, doing sculpting, creating an unusual or custom arrangement. She also does cake decorating, for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries or etc. She loves to provide her customers with the best service as possible. We feel with the art work she does that helps her to be more creative with her floral arrangements.

She also has Joe Wizauer formerly of  Hon’s Florist that can’t seem to give up on being a designer, he truly loves to do all types of arrangements.

Let Garrett’s Florist be your first choice when thinking of flowers.